There are many different kinds of croquet balls on the market Today.


Almost all croquet balls made today are made of solid plastic. This includes all balls used in tournaments. These will last a lot longer than the old wooden ones. The type of plastic used to make the balls affects their weight, how they bounce, and how long they last. As far as we know, there is only one type of ball sold in the UK that is made of wood, and that is the Townsend Longworth ball.

Except for a few balls in children’s sets, all of the balls sold on this site are about the right size and have a “milling” pattern on them. This is a pattern of grooves on the ball’s surface that affects how well the balls stick to each other when they hit.

The list of regulation balls Weight and Size

The regulation weight and size of a ball is about 16 ounces and 3 5/8 inches “diameter, but may not be within the strict limits that tournament-approved balls must meet. Most garden players won’t be affected by this, but it’s more important that the way the balls bounce may be different from tournament balls. This means that they might have a different “feel” (e.g. it may be harder or easier to play a roll shot or stop shot than with tournament quality balls). Serious croquet players will care about this, but it probably won’t make a big difference for people who don’t play at a club or in tournaments.

Please keep in mind that balls in this category won’t last as long as balls made for tournaments. If you want to buy balls that will be used often, like in a club, you should get tournament-quality balls.

Lighter Weight Balls

Most garden sets come with balls that weigh 12 ounces or less, and sometimes even less. If young children will be using the balls, 12oz balls might be better than full weight balls because they are easier to play with. They are also better if the mallets in your croquet set are light (less than about 2 1/2 lbs). If you buy heavy balls but light mallets, you won’t be able to hit the balls very far, which will make it hard to play well and may even damage the mallets. Most casual garden players will be happy with 12oz balls because they are heavy enough.

Regulation Croquet Ball

A regulation croquet ball must be 35/8 “diameter and 16 ounces in weight, within certain limits. There are also rules about how high the balls can bounce and how much these things can change within a set.

Balls that are approved by the CA

The Croquet Association has tested the balls on the list of tournament-approved balls to make sure they meet the rules for balls. If you want to buy balls for a serious croquet player who plays at a club or in tournaments, you’ll probably need to buy CA-approved balls. Ball Specifications and Approvals has all the information you need.